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Augusta Chapter Coordinator

Zion Schiller is passionate about rock climbing, working with children, and helping those with disabilities. Teaching the ukulele to a 6 year old with cerebral palsy was his first experience adapting an activity to special needs. When he brought the student and his siblings rock climbing, it was a game changer; it was his first taste of adaptive climbing and they were all hooked! Zion’s family started a climbing team that was open to all, and he served as captain of Team 3:17 while competing across the southeast. He coached his own crazy crew of kids while dual enrolled in hs and college. In 2019, his friend Kristen Wood brought a chapter of Catalyst Sports to the Augusta area and Zion enjoyed helping at every clinic. Now that she’s passed the baton, he’s thrilled to be a part of what Catalyst is doing for the adaptive community!

Join us on the 2022 Adaptive Climbing Tour | Now - October in these cities: Louisville - Huntsville - Atlanta - Augusta - Birmingham - Cincinnati - Asheville - Bowling Green - Chattanooga - Nashville - Evansville - Red River Gorge
Join us on the 2022 Adaptive Climbing Tour!