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Knoxville Chapter Coordinator

Lydia Weeks decided at a young age that an active lifestyle and service to others were central tenets to her outlook on life. Starting at the age of nineteen she began volunteering with Catalyst Sports, incorporating both of these things in her day to day routine. In addition to her volunteer work with Catalyst she also assists with Patricia Neal’s water skiing clinics. When she isn’t helping with adaptive sports, she can be found outside and on stage. Her two main goals in life are to bring encouragement to as many people as she can and eat as many hot wings as possible. 

Join us on the 2022 Adaptive Climbing Tour | Now - October in these cities: Louisville - Huntsville - Atlanta - Augusta - Birmingham - Cincinnati - Asheville - Bowling Green - Chattanooga - Nashville - Evansville - Red River Gorge
Join us on the 2022 Adaptive Climbing Tour!