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Julie a native Virginian considered Alabama her second home as she visited her family often and spent many happy summers skiing, boating, and enjoying her family at Lake Guntersville. Julie graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Psychology, but her interest has always been in assistive technology that helps create inclusion for all. Julie was a participant in Catalyst Greater DC and when she moved to Alabama her passion for climbing soared. A serious medical setback took her off the ropes for a while, but she continued to work on adaptive technologies and follow climbing. When she was able to return to climbing at High Point her love of climbing, interest in adaptive/assistive services, and her inner engineer pushed her to volunteer and help start the Huntsville Catalyst Chapter. She looks forward to connecting her physical therapy and climbing pals to volunteering and experiencing the thrill of bringing climbing to others.

Be a Catalyst! Join our team of champions!
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