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Louisville Chapter Coordinator

Emily is an occupational therapist with a deep love for the outdoors. She grew up in Louisville and spent as much time as possible riding horses. In college and graduate school, Emily discovered a passion for hiking and rock climbing. Also while getting her graduate degree in OT, Emily participated in inclusive summer camps for children with autism and cerebral palsy. She now works in multiple settings, including a pediatric therapy clinic and a program for adults with acquired brain injury located on a 30+ acre farm. She runs the nature therapy program and works on improving accessibility in the outdoor environment.

Emily believes that everyone should be able to adventure and enjoy nature, and strives in her professional and personal life to remove barriers to outdoor spaces so that everyone can access them. She has had amazing experiences and met close friends through rock climbing, and hopes that the adaptive climbing program with Catalyst’s Louisville chapter will help open doors for others to experience the same things!

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