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Greater DC Chapter Coordinator

Andrew has been living in the D.C. area for the past 8 years, and started climbing 6 years ago. He was first introduced to Catalyst by Judith Erger (founder of the Greater DC Catalyst chapter), and has been volunteering ever since. Fun fact, Judith was also the instructor who taught Andrew how to belay! Our monthly climbing clinics are now a fixture in the Adaptive Sports community in the Metro DC; attracting approximately 20-30 climbers, and 30-40 volunteers at each event. Andrew works as a Lab Manager at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD in a neurogenomics lab focused on studying lysosomal enzyme deficiencies which contribute to Gaucher’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. Andrew is passionate about the power of micro-communities, and their ability to motivate individuals to overcome barriers of any origin and magnitude.

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