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Adaptive Kayaking takes place at 2 locations: Knoxville and our newest program in Atlanta.

Our kayak instructors are trained in ACA Adaptive Paddling and have the ability to adapt the kayaks with additional equipment to accommodate a variety of needs.

To take part in our adaptive kayaking program we require kayakers to meet the following ACA Essential Eligibility Criteria:

  • Breathe independently (i.e., not require medical devices to sustain breathing)
  • Independently maintain sealed airway passages while under water
  • Independently hold head upright without neck / head support
  • Manage personal care independently or with assistance of a companion
  • Manage personal mobility independently or with a reasonable amount of assistance
  • Follow instructions and effectively communicate independently or with assistance of a companion

Please visit the location nearest you to register for adaptive kayaking.

Knoxville Kayaking Program
Atlanta Kayaking Program

VOLUNTEERS. Are you experienced in kayaking and own your own boat? We are looking for kayak volunteers to assist on the water. Please register at the link below or contact our location leads for more information.


Register to Volunteer
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