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Removing barriers and creating access for people with disabilities is at the heart of our work. Therefore in an effort to create more inclusive spaces in the communities we serve, we have launched Catalyst Consulting.

At Catalyst Consulting our team of accessibility consultants will guide you and your organization through processes that seek to remove barriers and provide more accessible and inclusive environments.

Our Services:

Site Audits: Our site audit process will provide fast and thorough accessibility evaluations using the Seven Principles of Universal Design as a guide. Whether a camp, recreation program, corporation or municipality, this audit is sure to improve site accessibility by identifying physical barriers that impede the disabled population from accessing your outdoor spaces along with practical recommendations for removing those barriers.

Intro to Disability Inclusion: This is a 1.5 hour customizable workshop that touches on both the philosophical and practical side of disability inclusion. We will spend time talking about topics like disability culture, disability etiquette, and how to create communities of belonging by readjusting our focus from disability to ability. We will also discuss practical methods to help you include more people with disabilities into your programming.

Adventure Program Accessibility: This audit and training combination will support your efforts to include people with physical disabilities into your organization’s adventure programming. Whether it’s kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, or mountain biking, this service takes stock of your program offerings and provides in-depth training and resources to ensure that those activities are welcoming and accessible for people with physical disabilities.


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