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Volunteer Spotlight – Emily Moscoe, Louisville

Volunteer Spotlight – Emily Moscoe, Louisville

EMILY MOSCOE is the coordinator of our adaptive climbing program at Rocksport Climbing in Louisville. Emily advocated for adaptive climbing to become a regular program in Louisville and has been organizing monthly clinics since the chapter launched in 2021! Several of the climbers who started in Louisville, attended the Adaptive Climbers Festival this year after getting hooked on climbing with Emily!
We asked Emily a few questions about her experience with Catalyst.
A favorite story or memory of your time volunteering with Catalyst:
One of my favorite memories is climbing and hanging out with some of the Louisville Catalyst crew at the Adaptive Climber’s Festival this year! For me, climbing in the gym has always been a way to train for climbing outside. To get the opportunity to witness and be a part of someone’s first outdoor climb feels like a true privilege!
What motivates you to volunteer?
My biggest motivation for volunteering is empowering others to find the same joy in climbing that I have found. Climbing has been a personal journey for me to find strength that I didn’t know I had, and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone else find that same strength. Plus, it’s really freaking fun!
A fun fact about you.
I’m obsessed with my dog, Olive (see picture!)
Emily thank you for the commitment, compassion, and energy you put into making the Louisville chapter a success! You are a Catalyst rockstar and we are so lucky to have you on our team!
Olive is pretty great too! 🐾

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